Everything you need for wellbeing inside your own home

Wellbeing is more important than ever

The world pandemic provoked unexpected changes to our daily lives, since March 2020 many of us had to adjust to a new life at home, where we work, eat, workout, study, and survive. Adjusting to this new life has impacted many in various ways.

Your wellbeing is important to us; we extend a helping hand and wish to support you in finding ways of coping in the new environments that suit you.

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Everything you need for wellbeing inside your own home

Creative Virtual Connection Ideas

Discovering new and creative ways of staying connected with your loved ones is crucial. Why not try cooking a new recipe together through a video call? Or start a virtual book club? Discuss each other’s wellbeing.

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Connect with friends

Stay connected

Staying connected with others helps create a sense of community

Be Active

Keep moving

Look after your physical health by keeping active

Keep Learning

Learn something new

Learning something new keeps your mind busy

Be Aware

Maintain a positive mindset

Your positivity will highlight the good surrounding you

Help Others

Be kind

A little act of kindness can also boost your mental health

Stay safe of COVID-19

Be protected against viruses

Follow government guidelines to protect you and others from viruses

Courses, eBooks, Audiobooks and Video Courses

Tips for your health at home

Connect with others – Catch up with friends and family

Try a new hobby – Learning something new that will keep your mind busy

Plan your day – Set yourself goals you wish to accomplish everyday

Eat well – Remember, nutrition impacts your mood and behaviour

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