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We hope that you have found our website helpful on ways to look after your well-being from home.

www.yourhealthfromhome.com is an online platform that specialises in providing resources on well-being, with a special focus on how to look after your mental and physical health from home. The website yourhealthfrom.com and its company Sireso Limited is supervised and managed by Global E-commerce Solutions Korea Co. Ltd.

Through using our website or purchasing our products, you adhere to the following terms and conditions. We encourage you to take time to read and understand our terms thoroughly. If by the end you disagree and no longer wish to adhere to our conditions, please leave the site, and do not purchase our products or services.

Purchasing and Delivery
You must register as a customer by creating an account on our site to purchase our products; please ensure that you keep the login details of your account safe. It is your responsibility to inform us of any unauthorised use of your account, Global E-commerce Solutions Korea Co. Ltd is not liable for any losses you may face due to someone else accessing and utilising your account.

In alignment with our Privacy Policy, we will monitor your activity on our site to provide a tailored experience and to detect any unlawful misuse of our services.

All our products will be delivered by email once complete payments have been received, which could take up to 48 hours. Any purchases will be displayed on your bank statement as the billing descriptor Urhealthfromhome .

Refunds and cancellations
As our products are provided in a digital form and delivered to you via email after purchase, we cannot process any refund requests unless for one of the following reasons:

  • There was a technical issue on our part that disabled you from ever accessing our product.
  • The purchase was ingenuine, for example, card fraud.

If these apply you have up to 14 days to contact us and let us know about your issue so that we can refund any orders as a result of an error on our end.

Due to the nature of our product and our quick delivery, it is quite difficult to cancel an order, but we do advise you to email us as soon as an order is placed so that we can try to cancel it. When making an order, please ensure you are happy with the product you are buying before doing so.

Liability & Copyright, Rights, Indemnification
By using our site or purchasing our products, you acknowledge and understand that Global E-commerce Solutions Korea Co. Ltd are not medical professionals; thus the information available on our site cannot be used to substitute advice given by a qualified medical professional. If you are concerned about your or someone else's mental or physical well-being, you must contact your medical clinic or hospital immediately. By agreeing to our terms, you understand and accept that Global E-commerce Solutions Korea Co. Ltd and associates are not liable for damages of any kind, direct or indirect following the use of the information displayed on our site or the use of our products.

All products and content displayed on our site and platforms are rightfully owned or licensed by Global E-commerce Solutions Korea Co. Ltd, thereby retaining all rights of the resources accessible from our site. We will not accept any copyright infringes committed by you. As such, you do not have the right to distribute, reproduce, sell, display, or modify any of our products or services.

Should you breach the terms of this policy, we will seek legal advice which may result in the legal pursuit of the reinstitution of financial loss based on (but not limited to) indemnity.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction
Disputes raised or any legal proceeding related to our Terms and Conditions will be governed by and subject to the jurisdiction of Korean law.

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